Sams Gift

About Sam

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Sam was a sensitive but forthright character who cared deeply for his family and friends.


At 21 he gained a degree in Sports Science at Birmingham University. He was fit, healthy and a regular at the gym. Sam loved running and played Football & Hockey competitively from a young age. He had even represented his County and Region. His motto was “Play to Win!”.

After leaving university, Sam started a job. Although it wasn’t his ‘forever career’, it enabled him to buy his beloved first car. We and he believed he had a whole life ahead of him and time to do whatever he wanted.



Unfortunately, Sam started to feel unwell and he began a rollercoaster of events in May 2014. 


Amazing Sam remained so positive… That’s not to say he had his down moments, but he would pick himself up and say “I am going to fight this!”. He faced everything head on and didn’t shy away from letting family and friends know about his diagnosis.


Sadly, the T-Cell Lymphoma that he was diagnosed with, was particularly aggressive. We lost Sam in November 2014, but he fought until the very end.

We want to do something that not only ensures Sam’s memory lives on, but help other teenagers and young adults in a similar position. We know that’s exactly what Sam would have wanted.


Sam and what he had hoped to do have inspired the items in the Journey Box. They are Sam’s Gift.